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The time has come for the first walls to be erected.

At the same time, the foundation stone is being laid to separate the different studio areas: in other words, a stable basis is being created on the warehouse side for the planned high rack and wall storage area – whilst achieving the necessary acoustic shielding for the film and photographic studio.

For an efficient working environment and perfect results. OK, maybe spatial separation is just the right thing in some respects after all ;-)

The Livestream can be found here.


Lets go

The ceiling for the office wing and the windows have been ordered. In a few days, the hall will be ready for development.
You can find a current picture gallery of the shell construction here.


Think big!

Our biggest project at the moment is about to get underway!
One of the largest and most modern photographic studios in Europe is being built with 4000 square metres of floor space.
It will take just 5 months to build. How can that be possible?
Follow us live via our webcams, our blog and our picture gallery to find out how 25 kilometres of cable is laid, 1600 square metres of storage area are installed over 2 floors and 11 make-up stations, 24 photo boxes and over 800 square metres of video area are installed.